Old Age Home

Old is gold. Fallacy or a reality? Perhaps it is not a reality to many families where the old parents live in isolation and struggle for mere survival. The son sleeps well in the bedroom and the aged father or mother living in a corner of the veranda is inflicted with arthritis, gout, asthma or chilling cold of winter. These people are ill-fed, ill-clad and ill-cared Starvation is not anew to them.


Bani Mandir runs a monthly donation programme for food and nutrition to the hapless aged men and women. These aged people walk 3 – 5 K.M on foot and eagerly wait for their turn. They are in the age-cohort of 60 – 85 years. When go back they don’t glitter like gold rather they move with anxiety whether they will get the next ration on time. Did they imagine such a life when they were young? Certainly not.


Some aged persons assembled near the hut of Dhananjoy. One fellow shouted, “Dhananjoy, will you hear me? Will you not go for morning walk?” No answer. He entered the hut and quickly came out. Sadness wraped his face. He uttered,” Dhananjoy is no more”. Another fellow murmured, “He has gone for morning walk in the world next”.


People like Dhanmanjoy bear their misery silently and perhaps demise silently.

Even in well-off families, many aged persons don’t get due respect and care. They cannot always express their feelings. They bear their agony in themselves.


Bani Mandir cann’t solve the problems of all the hapless aged persons. But it can bring comfort to some aged persons living in abysmal darkness of life, by organizing an Old Age Home in its campus. It has sound infrastructure facilities to run the Home for both genders. Besides buildings and related facilities, it maintains a green lawn, flower garden, Shiva Temple, prayer hall, community hall, etc.


Being a Non-government Organisation (NGO), we have resource constraint. To run the Home what we need is the financial support from benevolent individuals, corporate houses and other development agencies. We do appeal to them to come forward and enable us to reach the goal.


 The organizers have voluntary Zeal and dedication to serve the aged inmates with great care so that they can feel it a sweet Home. Do you think it for the aged ‘paradise regained’?