Irsita Mondal was born on 17th May, 2005 with certain cardiac problem. When she was a baby of six months old, she became seriously ill with pain in her chest and breathing problem. She was taken to the SSKM Hospital, Kolkata. Her cardiac problem was detected and the treatment began. Every 3 months after she was taken to the hospital for medical check-up. In 2010 when Irsita was enrolled in Bani Mandir Child Sponsorship Programme supported by SAHAY, Kolkata, all the expenses for her treatment were being met up from the programme fund. In 2013, during her medical checkup, the doctors suggested for an operation in her cardiac system. It was beyond the financial capacity of her poor parents to meet the expenses for an operation. The staff of theprogramme brought the issue to the notice of SAHAY. Without any delay, SAHAY authority approved the expenses to beincurred on operation from the programme fund. The operation was successful. This charming girl is now leading ahealthy life. Her eyes glitter with hope for a bright future.