Nutrition, Health & Education-the trident is viewed as milestone of child growth and development which the CSP
attempts to promote among its sponsored children.
To begin with nutrition, from time to time based on the doctor‟s advice, the special nutrition with nutrient-rich and
therapeutic foods was given to the enrolled children in different malnutrition grades. 

Nutrition Awareness Camp (NAC) : The village-level NACs were organized with participation of the mothers
of the sponsored children. During the reporting period, 175 mothers got an exposure on correlation between nutrition and
physical growth, low cost nutritious foods from easily available materials, balanced food intake of children, etc.

In Health front, the CSP health services were in the following areas.
 Clinical Services : The qualified doctors (Child Specialist & General Medicines) at Bani Mandir Medical Centre
and Bhadura Clinic provide health services, (diagnosis, treatment & referral) to the beneficiary children. During
the year under review, 793 children received the services.
 Health Check-up : To prevent health hazards among the beneficiary children, the health check up services are
rendered by the qualified doctors. In the year, 798 Children received the facility. Of them 207 (26%) were boys
and 591 (74%) girls.
Health Awareness Camps: As a preventive drive, 37 camps with participation of 988 beneficiary children
and mothers were organized. The participants were oriented with aspects like dental care, skin-care, dengue, worm
infection, personal & environmental hygiene, pollution & health hazards, etc.