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Origin of Bani Mandir lies in a village Library founded by some local people in 1945. The organization is still maintaining
the library in its own premises at Khordanahala.
The library has a good collection of books numbering around 2000 on different subjects. The beneficiaries of Bani
Mandir, especially children and youth, in different programmes are in the regular readers‟ poll. Besides, a sizeable
number of local people – student and non-student youth, women and others from surrounding villages are the readers in
the lending section of the library.

Under Child Sponsorship Programme, the beneficiary children (both genders) get educational support from Primary to Graduation level.

Under Give India donation option, talented and needy school going boys and girls (in a selective way) are provided with remedial coaching facilities. Besides, those who have keen interest in computer education are provided with six - month course in computer application covering Basic (DOS + WINDOWS), Microsoft Office, Power Point, Photoshop and Internet.

Under Rajib Gandhi National Creche Foundation, the crèche programme was sponsored by Ministry of Women & Child
Development, Govt. of India through Indian Council for Child Welfare (I.C.C.W) to Bani Mandir.
Creche is deemed as a home outside the homes of tiny tots whose mothers are mainly engaged in labouring jobs for
hand to mouth existence.

The Creche workers (2 for each unit) keep close contact with the beneficiary families through-Home Visits and Interpersonal
Communication (IPC) with parents.
Impact :
Care of personal hygiene & cleanliness among children also influences their parents to follow the same.
Joyful learning has developed their mental make-up for mainstreaming.
Frequent illness among them almost controlled
Participation of mothers has made them conscious and confident for better care and concern of their children.