Report from the General Secretary

To our development partners & well-wishers ……… since its inception in 1945 Bani Mandir has been

gradually promoting multi-dimensional welfare and development activities to the cause of the people-in-need. It

has accorded due emphasis to human resource development, optimum utilization of local resources and

environment conservation for development interventions.

Bani Mandir‟s work is mainly directed to benefit socially disadvantaged and economically poor villagers,

helping them generate self-confidence, manifest their creativity & capacity and mobilize their resources so as

to ensure sustainable development for their self-reliance.

Bani Mandir is more concerned with women and children – the most vulnerable sections of society, for a

quality life & living. It also affords humane services to hapless elderly people living in isolation and utter

destitution. Quagmire of poverty, unemployment/underemployment compel many people of our operational

area for seasonal migration to distant areas in search of arduous and menial jobs. Inspite of our resource

crunch, we try to facilitate vocational training and income generation avenues within their locality. Besides, we

make effort for promotion of Self-help Groups which in turn support their members with loan facilities for

income generation activities.

Bani Mandir has undertaken a concerted drive to keep rural milieu clean and green-through implementation of

environment awareness and action programme.

In the process of its work, the success and the failure that Bani Mandir has experienced have

enriched its perception and capability to work with the beneficiary population more effectively and efficiently.

Before concluding, I take the privilege to extend my sincere gratitude and thanks to those benevolent people

and development agencies whose immense co-operation and unstinted support have made it possible to keep

our drive on going. Further, I convey my heartfelt thanks to all our members, staff and volunteers for their

tireless efforts in different field level and administrative activities.

Somendra Nath Mandal

General Secretary