From President's Desk

To Our Friends ………….. since 1945, Bani Mandir has been working for the socially and economically

marginalized sections of society and striving to ensure gender equity in the process of development.

In Bani Mandir, we have the impression that the poor are coming to realization that a better future will not be

brought as an overnight miracle but will be achieved through their hard toil and collective efforts.

It is significant that the village people have formed neighbourhood groups and Village Development

Committees to take active part in promotion and implementation of their own development activities ably

supported by Bani Mandir. For us, close association with the people at the grassroots has created a bond of

confidence between us and the people with whom we work; a confidence needed to overcome the problems of

the most vulnerable groups – the landless, marginalized farmers, women, children etc.

Being the President I feel pride to add my voice to Bani Mandir in service to poor, destitute, helpless people

symbolized as Living God.

I wish to thank SAHAY, Give India, Helpage India, both Central and State Governments, and all other donors

and development partners for the confidence shown in our work.

Last but not least, I do believe that all members, staff and volunteers of Bani Mandir will certainly be more

industrious and enthusiastic for strengthening Bani Mandir‟s vow for people‟s development in a congenial

environment. I take the privilege to extend my thanks to all of them for their dedication, zeal and involvement in

serving the suffering humanity.

Asit Kumar Mandal